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Being a Nanny is More than a Job. It's a Career.


If you have a genuine love of working with children and a desire to make a real difference in the lives of children, becoming a nanny may be the perfect career choice for you.

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Nannies are hired by parents to care for their children in the family’s private home. Nannies partner with parents in raising their children and are concerned with the physical, social, emotional and intellectual health and development of the children in their care.

From watching a child take his first steps to seeing him toss his cap at his high school graduation, nannies form special and lasting relationships with the children they care for and the families they serve.

Nannies can choose the parents and children they work with. Unlike in daycare or school settings, nannies interview the families prior to ever accepting employment. Nannies have the opportunity to get to know the parents and children and can evaluate if the employment situation is right for them, before taking a job.

Nannies have freedom in the workplace. Unlike in a classroom setting, nannies aren’t confined to four walls. Nannies have the opportunity to introduce children to their world and provide age-appropriate opportunities for them to explore their world. Trips to the library zoo and playground are part of a nanny’s day.

Nannies aren’t restricted to specific curriculums. Nannies have the freedom to teach the children in their care in ways that encourage and foster a love of learning. Nannies can develop their own curriculums to present to parents and adjust it when and how they see fit.

Nannies receive standard benefits. Nannies are employees of the families for whom they work and receive traditional employment benefits, including paid vacations, paid time holidays and sick days and partial or full contributions to health insurance premiums.

Nannies provide one-on-one care.Nannies don’t have to worry about the needs of a classroom full of children. They can focus on meeting the specific needs of the children in her care and adjust their care giving style to best meet the children’s needs.

Nannies can show affection to the children in their care.Unlike in formal daycare or school environments, nannies are encouraged to show children affection. Hugs and snuggles are required!

Nannies can select jobs based on their preferences. If a nanny doesn’t want to work in an environment where the parents smoke or the family has a pet, she doesn’t have to. Nannies can choose their jobs based on their own job preferences.

Nannies have access to professional networks.While nannies work without constant adult companionship, there’s a sisterhood of nannies ready to embrace them and support them.  Nannies have local, national and international support groups, professional organizations and networking opportunities. Many nannies form lasting friendships and spend their days together at the playground or on other adventures.

Nannies can specialize in their field.Nannies can choose to specialize and hone their care giving skills to a specific demographic. Some nannies exclusively care for multiples or newborns, for example.

Nannies have job stability.Parents are always looking for quality childcare so there’s never a shortage on nanny jobs. Nannies typically make at least a one-year commitment, but for nannies who start out caring for children when they are newborns or infants, their jobs typically last three to five or more years.

Nannies days are never boring. Nannies may have a typical daily routine, but life with kids is always unpredictable. Nannies never have to worry about being bored at their jobs. Children’s needs change from minute to minute and nannies are always ready and prepared to improvise, adapt and overcome!

Nannies can help and encourage parents.Parents who employ nannies embrace any help their nanny offer. From sharing tips on getting their toddler to sleep at night to helping tweak the family’s discipline style, most parents welcome and encourage support and advice from their nanny.

Nannies can give more personalized care.Unlike teachers, nannies are able to focus on the specific needs of the children in their care. Because nannies aren’t concerned with the needs of 15 other children, they can adapt their care giving style, lesson plan and activities to meet the needs of the family’s children.

Nannies can opt to live with their work families. Some nanny jobs are live-in positions. As part of a nanny’s salary and benefits package, she receives free room and board. For nannies who wish to experience life with their work family, living in may be a great option.

Nannies earn more with experience. Like with most any other career, the more experience you have, the higher your earning potential. Seasoned nannies can earn more than several hundred dollars per week than less experienced nannies.

Nannies get overtime pay. Unlike exempt and salaried workers, nannies are nonexempt and protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act. Nannies must earn at least minimum wage for all hours worked and live-out nannies, and live-in nannies in some states, are required to be paid overtime at the rate of 1.5 times their base hourly wage for all hours worked over 40 in a 7-day period.

Nannies get to travel. For nannies who want to see the world, they can choose a job where travel is required. Nannies can accompany families on work or business related adventures and tour foreign cities as part of their job descriptions.

Nannies become invaluable to the families they work with.Good nannies become invaluable and irreplaceable to the families for whom they work. Families become dependent on and attached to their nannies, making it really hard to let them go.

Those who chose a career as a nanny choose a rewarding one. Nannies provide customized, personalized and individualized childcare based on the specific care needs of the family’s children. As a result, nannies get to see and experience the difference they make first hand, in the life of a child.

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