Xinmu Domestic Service (Shanghai)

Provide service for more than 5,000 expat families in Shanghai
western food training
ironing training
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western food training
English curriculum
English curriculum
English curriculum
Ayi Housekeeping Skills Training in shanghai

Having someone else do your washing, cleaning, tidying, babysitting and even cooking  is one of Shanghai's great pleasures.  Finding a great "ayi" ( commonly translated as housekeeper or nanny )you can rely on, can be a real hassle.  We are here to take your worries away.

Xinmu is a reputated home service company in town that provides professionally trained "ayi"s specifically for the expat community.  We have "ayi"s who not only can speak basic English, but also have received comprehensive training in western standards. Moreover, we even provide interpretation-service during the contract period. Whether you are seeking one-time, part-time or full-time domestic help, liver-in or live-out, baby-sitting, tutoring or just cleaning services , Xinmu Domestic service has what you need.

The comprehensive training of Xinmu Domestic Service includes:

  1. Professional service spirit and ethic

  2. cleaning skills,

  3. bed making & closet organizing,

  4. laundering & ironing training,

  5. Chinese and western cooking lessons,

  6. basic English skill,

  7. interaction with kids

Basic English class taugnt by native speaker to improve the communication skills of Ayis.

An educational event for Ayis to learn how to iron different types of clothes after laundry.

The professional cook from 5-star restuarant shows Ayis the most efficient and effective way to cook western dishes full of nutritions.

Ayis figure out how to put everthing in perfect order under the guidence of the professional Philippino Ayi trainer.

A fun English children's songs course for Ayi to know how to play with kids in your family.

How to book ?


Free hotline: 400-7842-801

Wechat service: 185 2140 0272

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